"A Photographic Exhibition"-Steph Bolt"A Photographic Exhibition"-Steph Bolt

Steph Bolt

artist statement

Steph Bolt is an Australian artist based near Melbourne. She has a Master of fine Art  from RMIT University,Melbourne.

Photography,travel and colour are my obsessions and are essential elements of my art practice. I photo document daily life to produce work that incorporates both print and sculptural media. I am intersted in the common person in their local enviroment with a focus of people's everyday experiences.

This series of prints and wood blocks have been created from photos taken on the beautiful island of Skopelos. Through the use of photography, contemporary and tradition printmaking methods,paper,paint,ink,wood adhesives and various other materials I produce bodies of work that investigate universal human gesture. By researching scale,space and colour I aim to heighten the viewers engagement with the work.


 see also Steph Bolt's 2013 show


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