"Peparethos"-Jared Leake"Peparethos"-Jared LeakeJared Leake is a high school art teacher and practicing artist in Santa Cruz, California, USA.  He earned his BA as an arts education major at Wheelock College in Boston, Massachusetts where he focused his studies on painting and early childhood education.  Jared received his MED-Teacher of Visual Arts degree from Lesley University/Art Institute of Boston where his concentration was high school visual arts.  Currently Jared teaches Art Theory, AP Studio Art, Graphic Design, Digital Photography and Drawing/Painting at a small private high school in Northern California. 

Jared’s artwork is a blend of his love of abstract painting, photography and found materials.  His most recent work incorporates his photography through a photo-transfer technique onto found wood.  The imagery in the photographs represents current events in the world and personal happenings on a daily basis.  He uses the interactions and discussions with new people to inspire his photography.  Jared searches the beaches and woods for weathered and aged pieces of wood.  Once he has a variety of pieces he then builds interesting low relief “sculptures”.  Depending on the shape of the piece a specific photograph is used that will best work with the overall design. The transferring process reveals an aged and at times ghost like appearance to the images.  Jared finds that this process enhances the mood and essence behind the photographs.  Each transfer can end up with a different result and the anticipation of new and innovative works of art is what drives Jared.  

Over the past two summers he has created a body of work while at an Artist in Residency program on the island of Skopelos, Greece.  Here, Jared took photographs of the people, landscapes, objects and textures that told the history of the island.  He gathered found wood while hiking in the hills and scavenging the village where he could transfer his images onto the wooden sculptures.  The results act as a story to the past where each piece looks aged and as if they were weathered over the years on the island.  An exhibition in the village received excellent feedback from the local community and tourists from many parts of the world. 

Jared has shown work across the United States specifically in Massachusetts, Connecticut, Illinois and California. 




Images from Jared Leake's exhibition at Mercurius Bar Gallery

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