Elena Korakianitou "Unlucky Tourists"Elena Korakianitou


Cornish Institute of Allied Arts, Seattle, WA. University of Washington, Seattle, WA.

Veloudakis School of Fine Arts, Athens, Greece.

Pilchuck Glass School, Pilchuck, WA.

Elena says: "My work is telling stories that need to be told. Visual poems of my subconscious mind which are given from, colour any my hands once the studio doors are closed. My mind travels to subliminal lands and I never know which story is going to be told next. It could be a picture, a book or a face that strikes my imagination and then it is buried under many coats of pigment and texture, until it receives its own life and it is telling its own story. Whether the work is two or three dimensional, the process is always the same. Surfaces are transformed into something intangible, something that has its own mind and finds its own essence".

You can visit Elena's website at www.elenart.net




Images from Elena Korakianitou exhibition at Mercurius Bar Gallery


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