Ingrid Pintgen "New Paintings"Ingrid Pintgen was born in Rotterdam, Holland. She studied ballet and dance pedagogy in Holland and worked at theatres in Holland and Germany. She also studied art at the European Art Academy. She sojourned in Holland, France, Germany and Greece and has worked for more than 35 years as an indepented artist. She is a member of "Berufsverband Bildende Kuenstler (Artists' Professional Organisation) and has made more than 50 solo exhibitions with ceramics and paintings in Holland, Germany,France and Greece. She has also taught the art of ceramics and painting for many years. She has been visiting the island of Skopelos for more than 35 years and, years ago, Ingrid moved to live on the island permanently. Since living on Skopelos, Ingrid has created typically atmospheric landscape paintings in south-luminous and transparent colours, mostly in lighter and lighter shades. As she continues to paint, her work grows, the light appears and the view focuses to the middle of the painting. They are mostly tranquility paintings, are still in slumber, but the colour contrast evokes tension and life.

She says,"Pictures should be full of life affirmation".




Works of Ingrid Pintgen which were presented at Mercurius Bar Gallery

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