Climbers of the seas

ΖάνναZanna was born in Athens and studied graphic design and decoration at the school of former Teacher Doxiadis. She continued her studies for seven years beside the painter Costas Routis. In 1998 she received Helen Bozoni scholarship in Liberal Studies of XAN (YMCA). In 1999 awarded by the magazine "Periplanitis" and in 2007 was awarded by the Philological Society "Parnassus". She attended courses in the School of Fine Arts in Athens, next to Professor Giorgos Kazazis. She has participated in several group exhibitions. In March 2008 she made the first solo exhibition in "Ianos", followed by the second individual in Hellenic Center of London and the next year in Zappeion Megaron. There followed at the Saronida Cultural Center, in Karydeio Philotheis, in ChromaChroma at Syntagma Square, in Style Gallery at Psyrri and in Mercurius Bar Gallery. Total, eight personal exhibitions. She has collaborated with Gallery Privee (Mary-Lulu Atzemian) and Artzone in Athens. She has taught freehand drawing in adult classes for three years in Attica Eastern Prefecture. Works belong to Commercial Bank and in private collections. She is act in advertising as an artist the last seventeen years.

Images from Zanna's exhibition at Mercurius Bar Gallery

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